Mahata Yei, Opposite Samsung House, behind Aron General company at Thom Two Hotel

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9.00a.m – 5 p.m

Phone Number

+ (211) 920 270 630


Terms of Reference and Scope of Services.

S/noScope of service to be offered
1Return Filling & Processing
2Tax Payment at the bank
3Account Reconciliation
4BPT Quarterly Filling & Submission
5Processing of Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)
6BPT Annual Return Filling & Submission
7Dispute settlement
8Training on tax legislature
9Dashboard Update

Obligation for Client

On Taxes

  • Prepare monthly staff payroll for tax purpose and stump it up to show ownership of information provided.
  • Inform the consultants on the readiness of the payroll before or by the 5th. Of the following month there to.
  • Provide the mode of payment of the taxes i.e. (cash or Cheque)
  • Be alert of the due date of the taxes assign to the entity
  • Settle tax arrears (in case of any)
  • Be responsible for any fault information provided in the process of meeting its tax obligation through the consultants firm.
  • “Any arrears that arise after the due date of the taxes where the client has being informed by the consulting firm in any form (oral or written), the clients shall be liable to clear such arrears and the revise is true”.
  • Provide an contact addresses which can be use for coordinating the activities of the contracts

Obligation for Consultant

On Taxes

  • Open a client file kept at the consulting firm office.
  • Inform the client of the due date for the tax and taxpayer arrears (in case of any) in advance.
  • Consultant staff collects the client pay roll for filing the monthly returns forms by the 5th. Of the following month.
  • Prepare the monthly returns forms and submit it to the tax authority
  • Makes monthly bank payments on behave of the client on the taxes due
  • Process and hand over tax clearance to the client
  • Serve the client with a copy of the payment receipt to show evidence of transactions.
  • Compute the tax (PIT-WITHHOLDING)